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TeamWave’s API enables developers to integrate CRM, Projects & HR functionality into virtually any system or application. Whether you’re looking to incorporate CRM into an Android app, or automatically syncing data with other systems, our REST-based API makes this easy to do.

Examples of integrations built by some customers:

Custom Reporting

Need custom reports with charts and graphs that go beyond what comes with TeamWave? Use the API to export data into your reporting service to

Lead Capture

Automatically capture leads from your website and intelligently import them into TeamWave CRM, assign follow up tasks to employees, and more.


Automatically sync contacts, time logs, etc with your accounting system, marketing system, and whatever tools you use.

Workflow Automation

Automatically trigger actions in TeamWave when something happens elsewhere in your system.

The opportunities are endless, and the API key is included free with every TeamWave subscription.