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CRM Pricing

TeamWave Vs Less Annoying CRM

Price $39/Month $100/Month
Unlimited User 10 Users
Chat & Email Support
Pipeline Management
Calendar & Tasks
Contact Management
Smart Email BCC
G Suite Integration
Mailchimp Integration
Dashboard & Reports Limited
Goal Tracking
Lead Capture Forms
Native Gmail Add-on
Native QuickBooks Integration
Native XERO Integration
Custom User Permissions
Project Management
Client Collaboration
Time Tracking
Employee Leave Management HRM
Team Noticeboard HRM
Automatic Check-ins HRM
Smart Contact Data Coming Soon!
Workflow Automation Coming Soon!

LACRM does not allow private pipelines. Every pipeline in LACRM will be visible to all users in your CRM.

Less Annoying CRM Alternative

Pipeline Privacy

You can create multiple pipelines in TeamWave CRM for different use-cases (ex: territory, product line, country, etc.). You also have the option of creating “private” pipelines with full-control over user access.

Less Annoying CRM does not offer the contacts privacy feature


Private Contacts

Sometimes, you may need to keep certain contacts hidden from the team’s shared activity stream. Marking contacts as ‘private’ in your account does exactly that – these contacts are for your eyes only. You can add specific team members as “followers” to view these contacts.

Less Annoying CRM does not offer integration with Gmail


Turn Gmail into a sales machine

Manage leads, update deals, follow email conversations and create activities right from your Gmail Inbox with the TeamWave add-on. No more switching between apps.

LACRM does not offer project management.


Project Management & Collaboration

Working with other people? Struggling to keep everyone on the same page?
TeamWave Projects is all you need to organize work & teams, communicate company-wide, and make sure absolutely nothing slips through the cracks.
You have the option to start a project as soon as a deal is won … right from the deal detail page!

LACRM does not offer HRM


HR App

TeamWave includes a simple, intuitive HR application focusing on people, not paper. Increase productivity, automate processes and avoid human error. Features include:

  • Employee leave management
  • Noticeboard
  • Employee directory

LACRM does not offer the ability to create custom roles with granular permissions.


Custom Roles (User Permissions)

Control what your team members can see and do with advanced user permissions and visibility settings. With TeamWave’s custom roles, you can define different access levels for team members based on their responsibilities.

Less Annoying CRM does not offer integration with QuickBooks or XERO.


Manage Estimates, Invoices & Payments [QuickBooks or XERO]

TeamWave offers seamless integration with the largest accounting platforms: QuickBooks and XERO.
Easily generate and manage estimates, invoices & payment from within TeamWave. Also sync your contacts in QuickBooks (or XERO) with TeamWave.

Key factors to consider when choosing a CRM


Business goals

A CRM is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. One of the biggest reasons for CRM adoption failing is neglecting to clearly define the business objectives for the CRM. You need to make sure the CRM you chose fits with your business goals and ambitions.


Ease of use

The effectiveness of your CRM to reach business goals is directly proportional to its usability. It needs to make the life of your sales team, easier not harder. Choose a tool that can be easily customized to your business needs.



CRM systems that don’t offer the ability to connect to other parts of your business (lead generation, lead nurturing, accounting applications) are not serving your company in a way that maximizes revenue. Think of your CRM as the glue, that keeps all your business process working seamlessly together.



Be sure you have 100% clarity on what you are getting for the price you pay. Many solutions offer basic functionality at a free or low price point only to ramp up the cost for reporting or advanced usability later in the funnel.



A good CRM will have a great customer support team to help your sales team use the application to make more sales. Look to see if the CRM offers support in your time zone. Is it just via email or online help ticket? Or do they offer live customer chat, webinars and phone support?

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