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Simple, intuitive HR application focusing on people, not paper. Increase productivity, automate processes and avoid human error.

Automatic Check-ins

Improve employee engagement with automatic check-ins. Improve employee engagement with automatic check-ins. Ask your employees questions for which you need answers on a regular schedule (every day, once a week, or once a month). Just set it up once and let us gather all the answers at the specified time. You will constantly get feedback and generate new insights!

Time Off Management

Improve how your company tracks time off, vacation & sick days. TeamWave creates a simple request and approval process for your team, along with a calendar showing all the holidays and time off across the company.

Tasks / To-Dos

Create, describe and assign tasks to employees along with the due date. Easily distribute work among employees to complete organisational tasks like arranging events, meetings or conducting training sessions.

Records Management

Keep employee files and information in one place. TeamWave gets employee files, addresses, emergency contacts, bank info, and other data into a single, secure location.


TeamWave account owner can configure and manage the organization’s network. You can enable and disable user access to apps, integrate TeamWave with other applications, provision and de‐provision users, monitor activity, export data, and more.

Staff Directory

It’s easy to get to know your co-workers and their stories with TeamWave’s beautiful bio pages, job descriptions, and contact details.

Employee Hierarchy

TeamWave’s “Reporting to” feature introduces hierarchy to a simple organizational structure. When employee “X” is marked as “reporting to” employee “Y”, then “Y” can approve time-off request, follow deals and do performance review (via HR Notes) for “X”

Employee Notes

Add private notes to keep track of an employee’s achievements, performance, conduct, expectations or anything else. This will be visible only to the account owner and the HR admin.


Use the noticeboard to share workplace stories and happenings. Post engaging content like announcements, company events, inspirational quotes, classified ads and more. Celebrate your organization’s culture, values and successes.